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Covid-19 Response

STOP !!!!

Effective immediately, and for the safety of everyone, our offices are closed to EVERYONE except our employees. If you need to speak to us, please call our Chicopee office at 413-532-3291, or our Spring?eld office at 413-732-8697, during normal business hours and we will advise you as necessary.

We can no longer accept cash payments until further notice. Please refer to the sign with contact information for our companies. If you do not see your insurance company listed, again, please call the office number Listed. If needed, we can make payments on your behalf with your bank’s routing and account information —- please call.

If you have a new claim that has not already been filed with us or the insurance company, please refer to the contact information listed or call the office number. All of our companies have the ability to take your claim information over the phone or on their website. We will receive a notice of a new claim and will call you to follow up.

If you need a quote for a new policy, a new car purchase or a closing, again, please call our office.

If you need to drop off paperwork or any other information/material, please put in an envelope and leave it in the mall bucket.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles is no longer allowing us to drop off items to be processed. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer RMV ”runner” services until further notice. Please use the RMV website to process your transactions if possible. If you cannot use the website, please call us and we can advise you on how to proceed. We can email you most of the RMV documents you may need.

We understand that there may be matters not covered by this notice. Please call us with any questions or concerns you have and we will do our best to help you and/or point you in the right direction.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times.

We wish you, and all of those clear to you, good health.


In the event we are forced to close our offices, following is a list of companies with their phone numbers, websites and premium payment or claims reporting:

Comgany Name(s)

Phone Number & Website

Payment Information

The Andover Companies


Pymt by phone — check only

Merrimack Mutual

Pymt by Credit Card if customer sets up acct on-line

Cambridge Mutual

Baystate Mutual

Arbella Insurance Group


Conmfl Policies —

E-Check only

Auto/Home — Check, Credit or Debit Card

Commerce/MAPFRE Insurance


Phone or on-line

Check/Credit or Debit

VISA/MC/Discover only;


Plymouth Rock/Pilgrim


Phone or On-line

Bunker Hill Insurance

Check/Credit or Debit

Card — all cards accepted


Mass. Property Insurance

0n-line, check only

Underwriting Association

(FAIR Plan)


Travelers Insurance


Phone or on-line

Check or Savings only


First Insurance Funding


Pymt by phone or on-line

If we are closed we cannot accept cash payments and urge you to call the insurance company to make arrangements. Many, if not all, are putting alternative payment plans in place for the foreseeable future.

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